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Your Practical Advisor

Your Practical Advisor dishes up practical advice to small businesses, families and individuals who call and write in with questions about the hottest topic in the world; their money. Your Practical Advisor is an apt description of its host, financial strategist, real estate executive and "recovering C.P.A." Vern Moter.

Each week, Your Practical Advisor features analysis and comment on the hottest topics affecting Main Street America. From the recession to the auto industry to credit card debt and your 401K, Vern deftly answers listener phone calls, emails, and talks with fascinating guests to get their input on the biggest stores of the day. Past Your Practical Advisor visitors include Dallas Cowboys Superbowl winner Chad Henning, FOX News Channel commentator Lis Wiehl, "Rocket Boys" author Homer Hickam, former Colorado congressman and gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez, automotive industry expert Kevin Kimbrough and many more.

Radio stations that make the one hour Your Practical Advisor show a part of their weekend lineup can receive on-air phoners with Vern and their local hosts, custom promos and liners, joint venture opportunities for free in-market financial workshops and listener seminars and much more.

Moter is a great All American success story. The financial and small business expert who grew up on a rural upper Midwest farm often calls on his background as a Navy Vet to help other navigate the choppy waters of today's financial world.

Vern is a former 80 hour a week workaholic C.P.A. who owned, then sold, his mega successful C.P.A. and financial services firm in Colorado. Vern gives his listeners common sense advice on how to make and save money, but also how to work less hours doing it.

One of the fortunate few to retire before ago 40, Vern and his family now split time between their homes near Crested Butte and in Kauai, Hawaii, while Vern helps teach folks work less, make more money and live happier lives through his website www.yourpracticaladvisor.com

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