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Sundays 2pm to 3 pm EST

Real Estate, Real Advice

"Juli Doty had big plans for the little ghost town of Monse, just north of Brewster (WA). She listed the entire town for sale!"--AP--

Guess What? She sold it!

Juli Doty - a very unique, audience-and-local-sponsor attracting radio personality…who sold a whole town! A realtor who has had her own business for many years, veteran broadcaster Juli Doty is also an accomplished author.

She has written "The Secrets of Exactly How To FSBO - For Sale By Owner." Julie has been featured in THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, on Seattle's KING TV, FOX NEWS and dozens of other media outlets for her plain talk, incredible knowledge of all things real estate, and her most famous listing:

  • "The entire town of Monse, WA!
  • The show is topical, fast-paced, fun and entertaining. Here's some of what you'll hear:
  • Do you think the government should get involved in helping homeowners or lenders out of the current epidemic of foreclosures?
  • Why are women better homebuyers than men?
  • What're the top 3 mistakes most people make when buying a house?


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