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Airs Sundays Mid-1 am EST

The Movie Show and MORE

Coming soon to a station near you: "The Movie Show and MORE" hosted by former NYC radio personality, Stacy Leigh with co-hosts Mathew and Chad.

The Movie Show is evolving into a broader-based variety show that covers movies, TV, theater, and the wider pop-culture universe. "The Movie Show and MORE" focuses on the entertainment industry from the perspective of the people who really matter in show business: the audience. Stacy Leigh's enthusiastic and inquisitive personality makes her a perfect fit for human-interest radio. Operating from the motto that "everybody has a story", she goes searching for the passion that animates the lives of everyday Americans. Segments include interviewing random tourists visiting the Big Apple, a weekly "rotating round table" of witty correspondents sharing miscellaneous trivia and occasional celebrity interviews. Correspondents and people met on the street will all be chatting about what's up for their weekend, whether it's movies, dancing or hanging out with friends. One part fun diversion and two parts pure inspiration, "The Movie Show and MORE" airs Saturdays from 4-5 PM EST.

Stacy Leigh has spent 15 years in various facets of the entertainment industry. Prior to this stint behind the microphone, Stacy spent several years as a producer at a national radio network, voiced characters for Nick Jr. television and served 4 years as the on-air spokesperson at Universal Studios to over 500 radio stations worldwide. After hosting "Hollywood's Hot Gossip" an entertainment news vignette for 3 years, Stacy moved to NYC to produce and co-host a morning radio show. She also produced a beautiful daughter who is now five years old. The proud mom and her family currently live in Manhattan.


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