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MG is the creator and co-host of MGTalking. Perhaps best known as the creator and former host of MG and the Stockdr, he also was Chairman and CEO of StockDr.Com, Inc., a federally registered, multi faceted, money management firm based in Central Florida. During this tenure he was twice named CEO of one of the twelve fastest growing companies in the state of Florida. His investment career began in the fixed income arena where he specialized in tax-free municipal bonds and government securities while working with high net worth individuals. Mr. Gold's previous experience includes serving as the CEO of Wealth Management Financial Group, Inc., an independent financial services firm and being the Director of Marketing of Kapok Tree Corporation, which before it's acquisition was listed on the American Stock Exchange. He also served as the Director of Marketing of Turgeon Restaurants, Inc. which operated restaurants in Western N.Y. and Texas. He has traveled all over the country speaking to groups and investors. He has spoken to groups on behalf of numerous corporations such as Pfizer, Glaxo Wellcome, and also on behalf of the United States Small Business Administration. MG has featured on the NBC Nightly News and has appeared on the Today Show, Donahue, Regis and Kathy Lee, Tom Snyder and Sonia Live. In fact, MG has made over 1000 radio and television guest appearances. In addition, he has appeared as the resident financial expert for both NBC and Fox local affiliates, as well as having created and hosted additional radio and television shows which were nationally syndicated. MG is a decorated Vietnam veteran, and he attended Millersville State University. He is licensed by the NASD and has passed the Series 7, 8, 52, 63, and 65 exams.

Terri Linn was born in Richmond, Indiana. When she was 3 months old her parents to Florida and even though she was already somewhat independent, she went with them. She grew up in Orlando, Florida with seven sisters, two bedrooms and one bathroom. That led to the constant interaction with her sisters and all that their lives were about that have made her our resident expert on all issues relating to women.

After graduating High School Terri Linn moved to Columbus Ohio for a brief time, before settling in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. There she began a well diversified career in the stock brokerage business. She became a licensed stockbroker and built a diversified resume. She established the client services department for Merrill Lynch, trained brokers and later became a compliance officer. She also traveled the county working with banks to help them set up brokerage services in their branches for her broker/dealer.

She met MG when they both worked for Oppenheimer in Ft. Lauderdale and she left the investment business to help him develop his first syndicated radio and television series'. Besides working on the development of the shows, Terri Linn often co-hosted MG's radio programs with him.

Terri Linn is brutally honest and will tell it like it is, she pulls no punches. Terri Linn has a great sense of humor and sometimes her refreshing naiveté can be outright funny.

Terri Linn currently resides in Longwood, FL with her husband and 10 year old son

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