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Airs Sunday from 4-5 am

The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show

When physician, author, radio host and international lecturer Dr. Evelyn Higgins says she's swum the ocean deep and power-walked the earth over 500 cross country miles to pursue her dreams, she means it. Her experiences in disciplines from athletics and oceanography to medicine and metaphysics have given her a profound perspective on life - and she is bursting to share it all with the world.

Dr. Evelyn Higgins' examinations extend far beyond the body. She is a physician who has faithfully served patients one-on-one for a quarter of a century. But hurdles in her own life led her to the realization that there are - not one - but "Four Pillars of Health: The Physical, The Emotional, The Intellectual and The Spiritual." They all must be carefully calibrated for one to be stellar in being. Dr. Higgins has traveled a treacherous journey to spread this philosophy with certainty and intimacy. "I have been my own science experiment," she says with endearing self-effacing laughter that flows frequently in her conversations. "I walk the walk and talk the talk! My life is the perfect lesson of faith, owning one's own health - physical and emotional - and growing everyday. Life is a gift. I teach people to live out that gift."

Evelyn Higgins' life continued a path of normal peaks and valleys until 2006 when she suffered a TIA mini stroke - a major wake up call for the unrepentant workaholic. "You would have never looked at me as a picture of unhealthiness," she begins. "It was the culmination of way too much stress in my life - being a single parent with a business and taking it all on myself. I just kept pressing through but you can't do it. The stroke was a message from 'The Big Guy': 'I'm stopping you so you will sit back, take a look at your life and get some balance.' I needed to understand why I am here, how did I get here and what do I need to do to make the proper changes."

As a New York Radio Festival Award nominee for her program "Your Body is a Wonderland" - now set for syndication on March 26, 2011 via Main Street Radio Network as "The Dr. Evelyn Higgins Show" after four years of growth first at Georgia's WBCX-FM and now at WDUN 550 AM/102.9 FM - and the authoress of the inspirational books The Mystery of Happiness-A Step By Step Journal of Gratitude and the forthcoming The Three Meetings, Evelyn is preparing to uplift the attentive with powerful salvos of life affirming information

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