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Build With America

Build with America will be focusing on home improvement products and technology companies that manufacture, produce and assemble right here in the USA by the American Worker. Each week, Host Michael King will feature one of these American made home construction & improvement companies on the show, taking calls from America's listeners on the features and benefits of purchasing these products by the U.S. consumers. Michael King went on to say that "I'm excited about the fact that the Business TalkRadio Network® chose me to host this exciting new show. The expressed intention of this program is for our listening audience, which will comprise of U.S. consumers to give them access to all of these top professionals and experts. The goal is to create awareness so U.S. consumers will purchase these products in turn creating much-needed jobs right here in the U.S. The long term goal is to start manufacturing these products right back here in the United States.

The creation of the program was inspired by the Bozeman, Montana home that was built with 100% American made home construction and home improvement products that was featured by Diane Sawyer on ABC News. Essentially, how one spends his or her money in a free market society is just as important as one vote in a democracy. Supporting American products supports American families.

"On average, the US builds about 1.4 million homes each year at a construction cost of about $280 billion. If builders reallocate 5% of their construction spending to American made products, this would add roughly $10 billion to the American GDP. So what if every family in the US reallocated 5% of their spending to American products? This would translate into the creation of roughly 3 million jobs!" (Quote provided by http://theallamericanhome.com/about).

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