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Airs Weekdays 8-9 pm EST

The Phil Grande Show

Phil Grande the "off the wall street maverick"
is coast to coast and around the country,
helping his audience navigate the market!

The Phil Grande Show is the third success hosted by Phil Grande on Business TalkRadio Network®. In this call in show, Phil goes over what happened in the market that day and what forces are driving the market.

He gives you information you can sink your teeth into. He goes after the Wall Street phonies and points out the misstatements of the mainstream press. He explains how they are wrong and what the fall out can be.

Phil has been an entrepreneur all his life. He has used his business skills to take over privately held companies, which were in or near bankruptcy and reorganize them. Phil would identify their illness and write a prescription to bring them back to health by replacing management, funding them with his own capital, and through private placement.

The big six accounting firm, Arthur Young, and Venture Magazine honored Phil in 1987 as the "Entrepreneur of the Year in the United States". Phil's holding company also made the prestigious INC MAGAZINE ANNUAL INC 500 LIST which identifies and honors this nation's 500 fastest growing privately held companies.

The Phil Grande Show was created to raise money for the purpose of helping children who have cancer. After Phil experienced a child in his own family having cancer, he was determined to fight the disease with whatever skills and energy he had.

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