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The Michael Dresser Show

Michael Dresser, born in Chicago, Illinois, was raised in the Los Angles area of Southern California. He came to Fairbanks, Alaska in January 1983 to perform on stage, fell in love with the landscape and made it his home for the next 23 years. A pioneer in the development of talk radio in Fairbanks, Michael began his journey in radio on a Saturday night in 1983 at 10:00 PM, reading from a script. He threw away the script after the first half hour and the rest is history.

Michael's show has evolved over the years into an entertaining, educational and informational forum that keeps audiences riveted to the interviews because of the thought provoking way he conducts them with his daily guests from all over the country. Michael is considered a top notch interviewer and has helped scores of clients with their interview skills through the highly successful Dresser Media training. With keen insight into a wide range of hot issues and a vast amount of knowledge on a host of other topics, Michael employs his interviewing skills to bring out the best in his guests while getting to the heart of the matter, no matter what the discussion might be about. Legions are the numbers of past guests, and Media Training clients, who come away with respect for Michael’s ability to get them to look at their own expertise in a whole new way.

Known for being able to discover and get to the heart of any subject, the longevity of his show attests to his knowledge and ability, and the shows popularity. Michael's unique view of the world and his knowledge, experience, and interests present many opportunities and requests for him to appear as a guest on radio shows across the entire country on a variety of different topics.

Michael's career as a radio talk show host is only one of the many facets of his life. With an innate curiosity for the world around him, Michael incorporates many interests into his busy life. The former owner of many successful businesses, entertainer, sought after public speaker and media trainer now devotes all of his time to his radio broadcast and his media training business.

Thought provoking talk on The Michael Dresser Show attracts people from all over the world who want to discover the message underneath the story with a fair view. Michael Dresser’s unique style and attention to detail keeps you entertained and informed as he takes you right to the heart of every topic. His line up of guests and experts is engaging and the subject matter covers a fascinating spectrum of issues from health care and national security to immigration and social issues. Not known to be a shrinking violet, Michael is always respectful to guests and callers while keeping his sense of humor and focusing on the matter at hand. The Michael Dresser Show is where closed minded listeners and guests are made to think outside the box and is definitely designed for mass listener appeal. Experience thought provoking talk for yourself on The Michael Dresser Show.

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