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Airs Weekdays 4-5 pm EST

Invest Express

--All things financial in just one hour.

Investors looking for objective advice from Wall Street analysts might as well be searching for Big Foot or Jimmy Hoffa's body. Breaking through the junk, Brian Wiley, Garro Ellis and Kerry McGill tell it like it is.

  • Starting right after the market closes; Invest Express provides a full market wrap and insight for the next day's trading activity.
  • Invest Express is live and caller driven, bringing Wall Street to your Main Street! Any caller, any topic, any question; Invest Express answers everything from complex tax situations to basic trading concepts.
  • Invest Express is a haven for individual investors who need help, ideas, and entertainment. Invest Express hosts are rounded, informed, opinionated, and fun!
  • Nationally accredited guests. Invest Express brings top financial and political commentators to your listeners, while keeping interaction with callers a priority.

"Some people are optimists, some are pessimists, these guys are realists. They tell it like it is. That's why they are #1 in their hour." Blake Taylor, Program Director, KERN NewsTalk 1410

"When can financial issues be entertaining? When these guys talk about them. They make complex issues so simple!" Josh Damien, Producer, KBAK

Brian J. Wiley
Brian has the voice listeners enjoy; he is quick witted, fast paced, and easily bored with monotony. Brian keeps Invest Express fast paced and entertaining.

Garro L. Ellis
Garro specializes in technical market analysis while keeping close tabs on market and corporate fundamentals. Garro was an actor in the early 90's and has a resume filled with performances on stage, television, and movies.

Kerry S. McGill, MBA, CFP, CEA, EA, FLMI
Kerry has more letters after his name than in his name. He is one smart guy. Kerry's expertise encompasses taxes, insurance, portfolio design, and retirement / estate planning.

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