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Market Open Live Site

Market Open Live

"Market Open Live" is a program that will keep listeners up to date on what is happening in the stock market right through the opening bell. John Hopkins and Tom Bowley of Invested Central have developed a reputation for providing objective and useful information for their members as well as radio listeners who have enjoyed their show over the years. In addition to John and Tom's on air commentary, listeners are invited to call in to ask questions about specific stocks or the market in general. While calls can come from across the country, John and Tom have a solid following in the DC metropolitan area, helping to give the show some local flare.This will be a lively show from start to finish!

John S. Hopkins, Jr. - President & CEO
John founded the company, John S. Hopkins, Inc., in 1987 after spending seventeen years in the financial services sector. John started out by producing and providing educational training programs for financial institutions and their employees. Hundreds of companies and thousands of employees have used his training materials and John has taken this successful experience and now provides educational training to stock market investors.

John has been involved in the stock market for more than twenty years and studied for and received his series 65 license to become a registered investment advisor representative. John has been both a host and guest on various investment radio programs, both nationally and locally. John received his undergraduate education in business administration at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

John's role at Invested Central is to manage and market the business, produce educational materials and participate in various seminars. John lives in Bethesda, MD with his wife and has two children.

Thomas J. Bowley - Executive Vice President and Chief Market Strategist
Tom passed the CPA exam in November 1984, then worked in public accounting for nearly 20 years. He was a principal in one of the largest regional public accounting firms in the Washington DC metropolitan area. He headed the firm's accounting and auditing department and was responsible for several of the firm's largest audit clients

Tom joined John at Invested Central to provide technical and fundamental analysis for its members seeking to actively trade in the stock market. Tom developed a proprietary trading methodology, "The Bowley Trend", that has proven to significantly outperform the major indices including the S&P; 500, NASDAQ and Russell 2000. The Bowley Trend has more than doubled the S&P; 500's annual returns since 1950, while at the same time reducing investing risk by approximately 50%.

Tom's role at Invested Central is to manage the financial side of the business and to utilize the combination of his proprietary trading methodology, his fundamental understanding of accounting, and his technical analysis skills to teach others how to make informed investment and trading decisions. Tom also hosted a national and local radio show, "The Invested Central Financial Hour", helping listeners to navigate the stock market from a technical perspective. Tom is a featured author and contributor of the ChartWatchers newsletter at StockCharts.com. Tom is a graduate of Benjamin Franklin University, where he earned his BS in Accounting and is a member of both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants. Tom lives in Fulton, MD, with his wife and two children.

Ed Handley - First Vice President
Edwin D. Handley is a Senior Vice President-Investments at Fulcrum Securities, Inc. McLean, VA Office. He started his career as a Financial Advisor in 1988. Mr. Handley specializes in equities, fixed income, and options as well as provides investment guidance regarding financial and retirement planning for companies and individuals.

He received his undergraduate engineering degree from the University of Maryland and his MBA from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Mr. Handley earned the Certified Financial Planner TM (CFP) designation in 1988 and was Past Membership Chairman of the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners.

He is a host of the award winning, financial radio talk program, "Money Talk." Mr. Handley has over 15 years experience as a radio talk show host on various stations in the Washington, DC area. Additionally, he is a frequent speaker at investment seminars.

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