Taking Care of Business with Doctor J.

This is real radio! Unlike other market wrap shows this is real financial information and market trends from the trenches. And, it's REAL ENTERTAINMENT! Your host, Doctor J, also known as Jon Najarian, is "Taking Care of Business" everyday as the closing bell rings on Wall Street. This highly- produced, leading-edge market wrap show is designed to give your listeners the skinny without putting them to sleep with cumbersome statistics and monotone hosts. Every business day, Doctor J and his handpicked group of Wall Streetís best and brightest tell you what happened and why and what to watch tomorrow if you want to stay ahead of the pack!

As a trader, Jon Najarian made his living by being right. After working his way up from the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) where he was a market maker for 20 years, to board rooms where he is a trusted advisor and consultant, Doctor J delivers the goods. As a journalist and broadcaster, Doctor J makes daily appearances on FOX News in the morning and appears regularly on CNN, Bloomberg, and CBS. Doctor J and his team know how to win and can give your station the competitive edge in your market. .

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