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Airs Weekdays 8-10pm EST
Best of ChickChat
Sat. 12-2 am EST
Sun. 12-1 am EST
Email: thechicks@chickchatradio.com


ChickChat is a live, contemporary, unique, non-political, entertaining, not for-women-only radio show hosted by two women with no loss for words or opinions.

Co-hosts Heidi Hanzel and Lara Dyan talk about the things you deal with on a daily basis. Topics include being married or single, office romance, losing weight, dating tips for guys, what men should know about women, internet dating and raising kids.

Heidi is married and lives in the country outside Washington D.C. A former high school geek, she became an NFL cheerleader and a corporate brand manager. She kicked corporate life to the curb for ChickChat – her new weapon for fighting the new dreaded “wife/mother” stereotype.

Lara recently returned to her home town of Boston after 12 years of single livin' in New York City. A former marketing executive with an MBA and overseas stints under her belt, Lara chucked corporate life to do ChickChat. Now that she works from home, she loves that "getting ready for work," means getting out of bed instead of putting on a suit and carrying a briefcase. She lives with her boyfriend, his goldfish, and sometimes gets to hang out with his two daughters, too.

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