Turnaround Plan Could Send GRPN Stock Higher

Groupon Inc stock has lost significant market value since his initial public offering or IPO on November 4, 2011. At one time it was considered one of the fastest-growing companies but now the stock has failed to maintain its growth and profitability. GRPN stock has traded as low as $2.15 per share over the past 52 weeks. It's online daily deals managed to regain some of its stock value, trading around $5.40 per share, which is up 4% in September. However the stock is still down 73% from its debut price of $20 per share.

Some analysts believe that Grouponís stock has already reached his bottom and will be expected to move up. To determine whether it will be a bull run investors usually look into the financial statements of the company to get a good perception of his performance in the future. With the launch of Groupon promo codes consumers appear to value Groupon even more.

Groupon stock managed to report and net income of 20.67 million in 2015. In 2014 the company reported a loss of 73.09 million. GRPN stocks annual revenue increased from 3.04 billion in 2014 to 3.12 billion last year. The company's assets were 1.8 million in its total debt was 57.72 million in 2015. Itís reported cash on hand was 853.36 million by the end of the year. Its free flow cash was $163.27 million. Based on these figures the stock is a strong balance sheet. Its total assets in cash on hand are significantly higher than its total debt. The company can easily pay off its debt any time.

In the second 1:45 thousand 16 GRPN stock reported a net loss of $6.8 million. Its revenue was $756 million. Its free flow cash was $-70.4 million. The company ended with $780.1 million in cash. Based on GRPNís stockís full year guidance, its revenue may be slightly lower than last year. The numbers show that Groupon stock is still struggling.

On the bright side, Grouponís management is committed to turning around the company is focused on delivering returns for shareholders. Is engaged in maintaining its financial flexibility and strong balance sheet. Management is implementing for priorities to achieve its goal; including increasing its active customers, improving operating leverage, enhancing the unit economics of it shopping segment, and improving customer experience to accelerate purchase frequency over time. The CEO Rich Williams says the company is making progress on executing its priorities. He noted that the company added almost 1.1 million new customers in North America. Customers are spending what is expected and Groupon has already added 2.7 million active customers. The company is already halfway through a restructuring plan to reduce its footprint from 47 to 27 countries. The company's target is to save $12 million and selling, general and administrative expenses annually. Groupon has made progress in improving its shopping business; and margins have increased for the third consecutive quarter. The company revamped its mobile app to enhance the customer experience and it is seeing stronger customer satisfaction scores. Groupon has expanded ďOrderUPĒ its on-demand food delivery service to more than 40 Providence Rhode Island restaurants. Providence is considered a top food destination. The bottom line on GRPN stock is that it appears to be on the right track but still needs to do much work to ensure its recovery. Investors seem to be happy with its progress. The stock will continue its upward momentum if the company starts generating profits. It is still uncertain whether Groupon can pull off a long-term growth and profitability. Its CEO is confident that it will become a daily habit in local commerce. Most of Wall Street analysts are advising investors to hold their position in the company. GRPN stock is expected to trade for as much a $6.50 per share an increase of 25% from the current trading price.