1. Are you

2. What is your age?

3. How often do you listen to BusinessTalkradio.net?

4.Where are you located (City/State), or on what radio station do you listen to BusinessTalkradio?

5. What shows do you listen to regularly ? (choose up to five)

America's Dining & Travel Animal Planet
Biz Soup Bill Moran Showr
Bottom Line Business Morning/MoneyWatch
ComputerAmerica Damon Vickers Show
Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full DunnDeal Show
Equity Strategies Erskine Overnight
Financial Advisor Future Talk
Frank Foster with Wealth of a Different Kind H/C Program
Investors Edge Maverick & Wisdom
The Mike Schiano Show MG & The Stock Dr.
Scuba Radio On The Road
The Opportunity ShowRay On The Money
Real Estate TodayScuba Radio
Sports Biz Talkin' Pets
Tech Success Tee To Green
Weekend Warriors with Dr. Z

6. Do you have a favorite host or hosts? (choose up to three)

Roger Arnold Jesse Berst
Rob Black Jeff Brooks
Craig Crossman John DeBevoise
Dr. Z Troy Dunn
Jennifer English Erskine
Doug Fabian Frank Foster
Michael Gold Greg "The Divemaster"
Zoh Hieronimus Chris Jaynes
Gary Kaltbaum Tom Kelly
Bob Lange Jack Lott
Ray Lucia Tony Marino
Ellis Martin Bill Moran
Jon Patch Jay Ritchie
Don Rochon Mike Schiano
Jim Shepard Lee Siler
Stu Taylor Fred Wallin
Gabe Wisdom Pierre Wolfe
Damon Vickers

7. What do you like best about BusinessTalkradio.net?

8. What suggestions do you have for improvement?

9. What is your email address?

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