A Sunday morning preacher has one of the easiest sales jobs in the world. Those coming to church are already believers! They already know the value of the sermon! They are ready to get the message. BusinessTalkRadio gives you the chance to do the same thing for your company every day, not just on Sunday.

Airing on more than 170 radio stations nationwide, BusinessTalkRadio programming is the perfect place to reach those who are already tied into the world of business. They are the decision-makers, the entrepreneurs, the investors, and the risk-takers. Dollar for dollar, your advertising investment will be spent targeting the people you need to reach.

Placing your advertising message in BusinessTalkRadio programs like “The Bottom Line With Rob Black” or “On Your Side Radio” or our BTR Hourly Business Updates will get results and assure that your story won't get lost between some off-color joke and the next song. The listeners of BusinessTalkRadio are “active” listeners. They participate in the programs with their phone calls and emails. They hang on every word. This is NOT background noise. This is background for their lives, their businesses and their investments.

Am I making sense? If you are going to invest thousands of dollars to market your website, or your financial services company or a high-end product, why not talk directly to those who need it, want it and can afford it. BusinessTalkRadio is already talking to them, everyday.

Our on-air personalities are educated, experienced and credible. Rob Black is a partner in a very successful financial services company in our nation's capital. Marty Griffin of “On Your Side Radio” is a multiple Emmy Award winning investigative reporter. Our Business Update anchors and producers have years of experience reporting Wall Street ups and downs.

We also have programs, such as, “OnLineTonight” with David Lawrence. He explores the world of high tech and computers. Both are a huge part of the business and financial world today. We have customized stock reports airing on several music stations, too. With “What's Up With Your Money”, you can reach those interested in business and the markets even when they are listening to their favorite classic rock or oldies tune.

BusinessTalkRadio is aggressively looking for the quality business and financial related programming and our list of affiliate stations continues to grow. If you want to save time and money, by targeting your advertising message directly at those who are listening, we can help. Call Jeff Strahl or Ross Becker at 561-802-4184 for information and rates. It's easy. It's smart. It's BusinessTalkRadio. Talking to those who are listening.